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FAQ: HIV*PACT Testing Procedures and Policies

What happens at an appointment?

HIV*PACT offers a saliva (OraQuick) test. Students looking for a blood test should make an appointment through Vaden Medical Services. 

  • OraQuick tests are preferred by most students because they test the saliva for antibodies and therefore do not require a blood draw. The counselors are trained to administer and read these tests. Results are very accurate and ready within 20-40 minutes. This means students need only schedule one appointment, because they will receive their result on the same day as the test.

How long does it take?

Appointment length varies depending on the needs of the counselee, ranging from 25 minutes (the minimum for the test to process) to the full hour.

Because HIV*PACT is both anonymous and free, use of these services is unlimited. Students may return for testing as often as they need. However, booking two appointments back-to-back is unnecessary and discouraged, and long-term counseling is not a service HIV*PACT provides; if a student’s counseling needs exceed the allotted time, he/she will be referred to professionals at CAPS.

Where is HIV*PACT?

Testing and counseling is located on the second floor of Vaden. On the day of the appointment, students should arrive promptly on the second floor of Vaden, walk down the hallway to the right, and meet their counselor in the waiting room of iThrive, pictured below.

Co-Coordinators 2016-2017 

Erin Hawley - [email protected]

Hannah Slater - [email protected]

Program Advisor

Donnovan Yisrael  - [email protected]

Questions? Want to apply?

[email protected]

How do I prepare for an appointment?

Students should not eat or drink anything (including water) 5-10 minutes before their appointment. Doing so will delay the test.

Out of respect to counselors, students are politely requested to arrive on time to their scheduled appointment. HIV*PACT counselors are required to wait 15 minutes for the student to arrive on the second floor of Vaden, but after this time they will leave.

Students are encouraged to cancel reservations online if they realize in advance that they cannot keep their appointment.

Students do not need to bring anything in particular to their appointment.

Appointments are for individual students only; HIV*PACT policy does not permit students to bring anyone else, including their partner(s), with them to their appointment. If multiple partners wish to get tested, each should make their own appointment separately.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Appointments are booked anonymously at the HIV*PACT scheduling website, (also accessible by clicking the button at the top of every page labeled "BOOK ANONYMOUS TESTING"). To maintain anonymity, students must select a counselor they do not know. Additionally, students should note that the login information they enter to book/cancel/view appointments on this website is visible to their counselor; login information should not include identifying information, such as a student's name.

What if I test positive for HIV?

Senate Bill 699 was passed in April, 2006, and requires that health care providers and labs report confidential, positive HIV test results by patient name. However, because HIV*PACT is an anonymous service, we do not keep or report test results. If a student would like their results or needs documentation, they need to see a Vaden medical clinician for testing.

In the event of a positive test result on an OraQuick rapid test (termed a “preliminary positive” or “reactive” result), the student is highly encouraged to go downstairs to Vaden for a confirmatory blood test after the appointment.

From this point onward, HIV*PACT jurisdiction ends, and any further pursuit of medical treatment for HIV infection will necessitate the loss of anonymity. Only then would a student’s positive test result and name be reported to the state.

A negative test result (“non-reactive”) does not require confirmation.

Can I have a copy of my results?

No. Anonymity do not make it possible for HIV*PACT to offer any form of documentation of test results. If a student wants a copy of the results or needs documentation, they need to have confidential testing done with a Vaden medical clinician (see below).

Can my Vaden medical practitioner test me?

Yes. Vaden medical clinicians can do confidential HIV blood tests (rapid oral tests are not offered through Medical Services) as well as comprehensive testing for other STIs, whereas HIV*PACT offers rapid oral tests but does not offer testing for other STIs.

How can I become a peer HIV counselor with HIV*PACT?

Applications for HIV*PACT are circulated every quarter. All applicants must have already completed the prerequisite courses, Education 193A: Peer Counseling and Education 193S: Peer Counseling on Comprehensive Sexual Health or equivalents are required. Accepted applicants will attend an all-day mandatory training and a mock counsel before counseling. For more information, contact [email protected], or Julia Todderud ([email protected]) and Jorge Mercado ([email protected]), Co-Coordinators.