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Meet the Winter 2018 HIV*PACT Counselors


Erin Hawley


Erin is a Human Biology senior concentrating in inequalities in children's health and writing an Education Honors thesis on parent-teacher relationships in low-income preschools. She is interested in obstacles to obtaining excellent health care and plans to eventually participate in inclusive health care as a physician.

Hannah Slater


Hannah is a junior studying Human Biology with a concentration in women's health access to health care and a minor in Spanish. Hannah is also a counselor at the Sexual Health Peer Resource Center. A few things that are really important to her are accessibility to quality healthcare, comprehensive sexual education, and dogs.


Kylee Beck


Kylee is a Sophomore studying Human Biology. Her current concentration of interest is Child Development and Behavior. She is passionate about people and addressing disparities in healthcare and education, hoping to incorporate both into her future career path.
Kayla Clough

Kayla is a senior studying Human Biology and concentrating in human and environmental health.  She is interested in disparities in healthcare access in different communities and improving sex education.  As an aspiring public health worker, she's excited to positively contribute to the Stanford community through her work with HIV*PACT.  

Heman Gill


Heman is a sophomore majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Political Science. He is interested in health policy, health care reform and health disparities both globally and in the United States, especially in rural areas. Heman spent last summer working as a research intern for the Community Empowerment Lab in Uttar Pradesh, India. Heman also loves mint-chip ice cream and watching Grey's Anatomy and Friends!

Japsimran Kaur


Japsimran is a senior majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in International Maternal and Child Health. She is interested in health disparities both globally and within the United States. She is currently working on an honors thesis aiming to understand what domestic violence means to young women in Ahmedabad, India. She is very excited to be a part of HIV*PACT this year. 

Mahima Krishnamoorthi


Mahima is a junior studying Anthropology and a minor FemGen Studies. She is also a counselor at SHPRC and the Bridge. She is passionate about women's health, infectious diseases and health inequity and spent her last summer in Ghana working at an HIV clinic. An aspiring physician, she hopes to work in underserved communities both in the United States and abroad. When not at HIV*PACT, you can find her watching The Mindy Project, complaining about chemistry psets, or at a local thrift store! 

Jorge Mercado


Jorge is a sophomore.

Jorge is a sophomore studying bioengineering with a minor in data science. He has a passion for medicine and studying every aspect of it—lately, this has culminated in a major interest in epidemiology and how it reveals real medical and social information about the world we live in. He is also very passionate about giving back to his community and is thus very excited to be a counselor for HIV*PACT. He also speaks Spanish!

Jasmine Mueller-Hsia


Jasmine is a senior majoring in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a concentration in Queer Studies. She is passionate about relationships with ourselves and with other people, and how identities affect those relationships. Jasmine loves working with people of all ages around health and sexual health: she facilitates curricula at the middle school, high school, and undergraduate levels. She loves dogs, cats, and plants, and is working to be a sexual health educator and (possibly) a therapist someday. 

Adonis Rubio


Adonis is a freshman majoring in Biology with an honors in Microbes and Immunity. He is currently involved with an HIV research lab on campus and is focusing most of his studies in HIV research and patient outreach. Adonis loves involving people and creating an inclusive environment which is why he hopes to bring a welcoming spirit to HIV*PACT as a counselor. When not counseling, you can find him re-watching the Office for the 10th time, hanging with friends, or wandering around campus for something else to do!

Julia E. Todderud


Julia is a sophomore double majoring in Studio Art and Human Biology with a concentration in Brains and Behavior. She is committed to improving global access to healthcare and hopes to work as a physician in underserved communities.

Alexandra Ulmer


Alexandra is a Junior majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Global Public Health. She is particularly interested in access to pediatric healthcare and education across the world. While not in class, you can find Alexandra at the barn riding horses or satisfying her coffee cravings across campus. 

Lauren Wegner


Lauren is a History major and Biology minor interested in just about anything! She is a strong supporter of both proper sex education and conversation about sexual health. As an aspiring doctor as well as educator, she hopes to work to positively influence the health of as many individuals as possible. 

Devon Zander


Devon is a Human Biology major with a concentration in infectious disease.  She has a passion for a preventive and proactive approach to healthcare and hopes to eventually pursue it as a physician.

This could be you! To apply, email the co-coordinators at [email protected] or [email protected]